Colorado Community Rights Amendment

Be it Enacted by the People of the State of Colorado

In the constitution of the state of Colorado, add section 32 to article II as follows:

Section 32. Right to Local Self-Government

(1) As all political power is vested in and derived from the people, and as all government of right
originates from the people, the people have an inherent and inalienable right to local self-government,
including in each county, city, town, and other municipality.

(2) That right shall include, without limitation:

(a) the power to enact local laws protecting health, safety, and welfare by establishing the
fundamental rights of individuals, their communities, and nature, and by securing those rights
using prohibitions and other means; and

(b) the power to enact local laws establishing, defining, altering, or eliminating the rights,
powers, and duties of corporations and other business entities operating or seeking to operate in
the community, to prevent such rights and powers from interfering with such locally-enacted
fundamental rights of individuals, their communities, and nature.

(3) Local laws adopted pursuant to section (2) of this section shall not be subject to preemption by
international, federal, or state laws, nor shall they be subject to limitation pursuant to section 6 of
article XX of this constitution; provided that

(a) such local laws shall not restrict fundamental rights of individuals, their communities, or
nature secured by the Colorado constitution, the United States constitution, or international law;

(b) such local laws shall not weaken protections for individuals, their communities, or nature
provided by state, federal, or international law.

(4) All provisions of this section are self-executing and severable.

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Press Releases / Developments

Ballot initiative #75, the Colorado Community Rights Amendment Granted Title by the State of Colorado

Ballot Initiative #75, the Colorado Community Rights Amendment, passed the first “single
subject” hurdle for getting before the voters on the November, 2014 ballot. On March 19, the
Title Board in the office of the Secretary of State approved the measure as a “single subject” and
set the title and submission clause. Show more…

The intent of this historic initiative is to preserve the people’s right to local self-government, a
right that empowers local communities to protect their fundamental rights free of corporate
interference and state preemption.

The Colorado Community Rights Network supports the view that our fundamental rights are
universal, and that the current legal framework that favors corporations over people and
communities threatens the essence of democracy. Ballot initiative #75 addresses the inherent
problems of corporate centered law. It is part of a larger strategy to bring full democratic rights
and protections to communities across Colorado.

Ballot measure #75, the Colorado Community Rights Amendment, is a measure that is inclusive.
It does not limit a community’s authority to any one particular industry or corporation. It is also
comprehensive. It seeks to expand the protection of fundamental rights at a community level,
however a particular community chooses to define those fundamental rights. These fundamental
rights can be of an environmental, economic, or social nature.

In November of 2013 Lafayette, Colorado became the first Colorado community to pass a
Community Bill of Rights that defined certain fundamental rights for Lafayette citizens. In doing
so Lafayette joined over 160 communities across the United States that have created similar
Community Bill of Rights. The Community Rights Movement is therefore national in scope, and
was recently described by the Independent Petroleum Association of New Mexico in its
publication, Energy New Mexico, as, “…the beginning of a social movement that is greater than
just the oil and gas industry, it is a potential game changer for all of corporate America.”

The Colorado Community Rights Network is the umbrella organization advancing ballot measure
#75, the Colorado Community Rights Amendment, and helping local communities create their
own protections against corporate activities that interfere with the rights of local communities of
individuals. Founded in late 2013, the Colorado Community Rights Network now is working on
both the state and local level.

03/13/14 Merrily Mazza and Cliff Willmeng from COCRN discuss recent issues around fracking in Colorado. –

01/21/14 Press Release: Colorado Community Rights Network Files Constitutional Amendment To Secure the Right to Community Self-Government Free from State Preemption –